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Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? LRPT offers you a range of personal training options to suit you.
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1-to-1 PT Sessions

Get unparalleled, dedicated support and guidance through one-to-one personal training.

Paired PT Sessions

Train with a friend with a low-cost alternative to one to one professional personal training.

Group PT Sessions

Want to train in groups of more than 3? Not a problem, we offer group PT sessions.

One to One Personal Training

Perfect your training with our one to one personal training sessions.

The first step in any partnership is to identify your goals and build a solid foundation.  We do this in the initial consultation; either in person or over the phone and can take up to an hour to cover everything, using the SMART platform. Together we will work on a suitable programme that includes targets, lifestyle additions, habit and physical abilities. From there, the process of working towards goals can begin.
Right from the very start, we will work together to help you make better nutritional choices.  This will be an evolving process, as we discover what works best for you.  You will be equipped with a food diary app, which will help to analyse the quality and benefits of the foods that you eat, targeted towards making small, manageable changes for the best results. Food intake can often make the difference between instant results and a longer process, so close monitoring at this stage can be vital.
With access to state-of- the-art equipment; Anytime Fitness in Moor-Allerton, Leeds is the perfect setting to put the final step of the plan into action.  There’s no membership needed.  Session plans will be designed in advance, to get the most out of your gym-time and will be worked into your normal schedule too.  Each session will have its own individual ‘micro-goal’, which we will achieve together. With your commitment, effort and a positive attitude, I will work with you to get you where you want to be.

One to One Personal Training

Perfect your training with our one to one personal training sessions.


Single PT Sessions
4×1 Hour PT Sessions (1x session per week)
8×1 Hour PT Sessions (2x sessions per week)
12×1 Hour PT Sessions (3x sessions per week)

Paired Personal Training Sessions

Committing to working with a buddy can be the difference between making it to the gym, or not.  If you find it hard to get motivated, a split-session can be the key.  Clients encourage each other during the sessions, which can make the difference towards maximum potential reached.  It’s also a shared cost, so works out cheaper in the long-run too.

If you don’t have a buddy, please ask me – there are people who don’t like working out by themselves, but also don’t want to bring their friends (it’s more common than you think!).

4x1 Hour PT Session (1x session per week)

8x1 Hour PT Sessions (2x sessions per week)

12x1 Hour PT Sessions (3x sessions per week)

Group PT Sessions

Is there a group of you who want to do some training together?  Are you in a 5-a- side football team?  Are you work-mates?  The Group Sessions could be right up your street.

I train people to work to their maximum intensity, in a safe environment, that encourages mutual support, where everybody wins.  Sessions use a variety of equipment and techniques and can be tailored to suit a particular theme or goal.  We’ve got “Fat Burn”, “Beach Body”, “HIIT” & “Lifting Workshop” to name a small few – you’re welcome to come along to any, or start your very own.

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“No matter who Lance works with (young or older, male or female) his dedication and enthusiasm never falters and he always gives 100% and in turn so did they.Jason Hoang

There just aren’t enough stars for Lance. At the start of this year through tailored training programs and nutrition advice along with continuous support and belief in me, Lance was instrumental to helping me lose 2 stone and drop 2 dress sizes in 4 months.Claire Armitage

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