9 Reasons Why Females should do Strength Training

Dec 14, 2017 | Training

There is a lot of stigma around strength training for females. It is not uncommon to hear females saying lifting weights make them look bulky and like a man! To clear things up and give females real feedback on the benefits of strength training I decided to ask some of my female clients to list a few things they achieved from strength training. 

If you are reading this it is possible you already know what strength training is, if not, here is a brief description.  Strength training is using a variety of barbell, free weight and bodyweight exercises with the intent to produce more force and become stronger.

Feedback from Clients:

  1. It’s an ideal way to see progression and improvement without being a slave to the scales. You are able to track what weight you are lifting, number of reps completed and improve week on week. What a great way to push yourself and stay motivated.


  1. My body is more shaped and toned, especially shoulders, back and arms. I love putting on those strappy tops and no longer have bra bulge.


  1. I am more confident at the gym now and enjoy training rather than fearing the equipment and weights because I now know what I’m doing.


  1. Now I am building muscle I know my body is burning more calories at rest. If I have a bad food (and drink) week it doesn’t seem to effect my weight as drastically as before.


  1. I feel weirdly invincible when I’m lifting weights. I just put on my music, switch off from life and totally lose myself in my session.


  1. I no longer feel intimidated in the gym, and have come to realise that there is so much more than cardio machines and little dumbbells to play with – I now get way more out of my gym membership and its so much easier to mix up my training so I never get bored.


  1. As much as I love HIIT, since starting lifting weights my body shape has changed in a relatively short space of time. I look & feel more toned & shapely, dropping a dress size in the process. 


  1. Lifting weights rather than hitting the treadmill daily, concentrates my mind & gives me headspace from the daily grind. Focussing on counting the number of reps & ensuring my technique is good forces out the stresses of my life as a busy working mum! 
  1. My progress is tangible; increased number of reps & heavier weights all tell me I’m getting fitter & stronger… who doesn’t want that!

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